Person of the year 2017 by American magazine

Donald Trump was selected Wednesday "person of the year 2017 by time magazine after his victory in the US presidential election, contrary to expectations.
The US magazine said Wednesday that it had chosen the U.S. President elect Donald Trump personality of the year, and Trump his high selection.
Contact President elect "today" program on NBC tv's "pleased the title which he described as" a great honor, too, denying responsibility for the divisions and praised the outgoing Democratic President Barack Obama.
And the latest real estate billionaire who never held any political office already shocking in the American political establishment when he defeated Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. And made the cover of time magazine under the title "Donald Trump: President of the United States divided."
The magazine said Trump personally handpicked this year, in a tradition followed by the magazine since 90 years "was his greatest influence, whether for better or worse, on the events of the year."
She said the magazine editor Nancy Gibbs, "then what is the case this year: is it for better or for worse."
"The challenge in front of Donald Trump is split the country dramatically about the answer. 2017 was of his ascent, you would be 2017 in wisdom, and like all the newly elected leaders would stand a chance to fulfil his promises and defied expectations? "
She said that Trump won the title this year because he reminded America that demagoguery feed on despair, truth be strong when strong confidence 

who pronounce it: and to enable the faceless voters through the vent their anger, their fears, and tomorrow's political culture by destroying yesterday. "